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  Last Flight of the Kokura (Patch Message for 10/28/2003)

Hello all,

We're very pleased to bring you this month's game update.

Evolving Story

The V'rix have overrun Grayfeather's position in Swooping Eagle and the Kokura have taken significant losses in their efforts to defend Typotal Maw. The Kokura leader valiantly fights on (some would say foolishly, but what do they know of a true warrior's resolve?), against overwhelming odds and cannot hold much longer. With the opening of the Aquitaine Gate, Terran space is now threatened by the advance of the V'rix, rousing the ire of Admiral Herrera. Meanwhile, the struggle to understand the Ancients and their mysterious gates is reaching a fevered pitch in the sacred halls of the Jenquarum.

The following missions have become obsolete in this month's patch:

"The Psis Rebel" - P3889
"The Hunt for the Vishao Codex" - Herrera
"The Voltoi Crystals" - Herrera
"V'rix Seek and Destroy" - Herrera
"The Secret of the Vishao" - Ariad
"The Defense of Vishao" - Merjan
"The Gate to Aquitaine" - Merjan
"Cassel Tries Again" - Cassel
"A Deal with Amah" - Vinda
"Amah's Data" - Vinda
"Rebel Cygni" - Var
"The New Warriors" - Memnon
"The Sabura Continue" - Memnon
"A Request from the V'rix" - T2Z (the big bug on Primus planet)
"Improving the Mivrei" - de Winter
"The Aquitaine Codex" - de Winter
"Vishao will be Shinwa" - Silva
"The Smoking Mirror" - Silva
"Finally a War!" - Shou Tzu
"Return of the Ab Kati" - Shou Tzu
"The Kokura Awake" - Grayfeather

If you have any of those missions currently in your mission journal, they'll be removed upon login. You may wish to seek out your faction leaders to see whether they have any new tasks for you.

Bogeril Faction

In a surprising move, the Bogeril have had a sit-down and decided to allow outsiders a glimpse into their unique culture through a "We don' shoot first 'less yer an EarthCorps or we don't like your face" policy. The Bogeril have some strong feelings about groups that have "done them wrong" in the past. The feelings aren't always mutual though as the Bogeril have long memories and take offense at actions that merely amuse other faction groups.

Player faction with the Bogeril is now being tracked and displayed. You can view an updated faction chart that illustrates the relationship other factions have with the Bogeril at the E&B website ( >> Game Info >> Faction).


We've made a few adjustments to the powerdown and the menace skills in this month's patch. Specifically:

  • We've increased the menace immunity timer to 45 seconds from 15 seconds. Now, after being menaced, players have 45 seconds of immunity from another menace. We believe the extra time will make those chain-menacing mobs a bit more manageable. Of course, mobs are not eligible for immunity.
  • We've reduced mob resistance to power-down. They are more likely to be fooled as a result. Just remember that if you power-down you can't be doing damage to the mob or they'll still attack you.

Just in from Net-7...

Tada-O Halloween Promotion, Galaxy Braces for Potential Mayhem

Following last year's successful Halloween campaign, Tada-O announced plans today for another holiday spectacular in the sky. Sales attributed to Play-O, a subsidiary of Tada-O specializing in holiday goods, have soared since the introduction of the Punkin Chunker prototype during last year's festivities, sending shock-waves aimed at the pockets of more conventional companies.

During the recent unveiling of marketing plans for this year's campaign, a Tada-O representative was overheard saying, "Of this to year be beat not! Joy combusts in room with smiling. Yet is best when nearing. Elate!"

Tada-O refused requests to divulge what this year's alloween events are, but emergency response team coordinators are gearing up for possible holiday accidents and injuries caused by pumpkin launching or sugar overdoses.

In related news, head of Jagerstadt's Library Services, Juniene Phrange, has reported the disappearance of books containing references to the history and culture of Halloween. Dr. Phrange told Net-7, "I just don't understand it. Every single book about Halloween rituals, from Samhain to Dias de los Muertos, has vanished!"

Library workers and volunteers have made light of the situation, claiming bibliophilic ghosts are responsible for the disappearance of the lost tomes.

Glenn: Tourist Trap or Death Trap?

Thousands of tourists flock to Glenn each day to take part in guided tours of the exhibits and renowned landmarks of the scenic sector, but mounting fears of Chavez attacks have left travelers scrambling for alternative vacation plans.

Insiders believe the treaty between the Glenn Commission and the Chavez clan is starting to crumble after violence erupted during a recent conference between the two groups. An undisclosed source witnessed the bloody scene moments after a Glenn Commission official was allegedly stabbed by Chavez representatives during one of the behind-closed-doors sessions.

The Glenn Commission denies this allegation, stating the alleged stabbing is hearsay started by activists, opposed to the caging of wild creatures in Glenn' zoo, in an attempt to funnel tourist dollars away from the exhibits. Yet, no further meetings are currently scheduled between the two groups. Chavez representatives could not be reached for comment.

Kokura Losses in Swooping Eagle

V'rix forces have secured a foothold in Swooping Eagle, steadily advancing their position in the sector. The Kokura have suffered heavy casualties in this latest onslaught by the V'rix.

Pilots are urged to seek alternate routes and use extreme caution if travel through Swooping Eagle cannot be avoided.

Scientists Debunk New Mutation Theories

Responding to recent reports of a rising genetic mutation leading to possible malformations and previously undiagnosed illnesses in inmates living in Detention Center Onorom, scientists released their findings after the extensive investigation of the facility and its surroundings.

"We cannot substantiate reports of increased genetic mutations in the prisoners or staff of Det. Onorom." Says Doctor Felice Entroue, Chief Geneticist assigned to the project. Doctor Entroue went on to say, "Prison populations normally exhibit a higher rate of illness and injuries due to the living conditions afforded by these types of centers. Exercise and other associated disease-limiting factors occur less frequently in populations restricted to confined areas. We cannot find a correlation between these new complaints and previous data recorded by Det. Onorom officials."

Skeptics remained concerned despite the statements made by Dr. Entroue and have urged prison officials to continue to probe into the recent upswing of debilitated inmates.

InfinitiCorp Announces Plans for New Gate

Citing continued plans to "Expand the Universe to bring it within reach of every man, woman and child.", the head of the InifinitiCorp's finance team, Nigel Lanks, has revealed his companyıs plan to open a new Gate in the dark reaches of space. The Gate will connect Bogeril-occupied space to more accessible areas of Alpha Centauri.

Mr. Lanks refused to state further reasoning behind the new construction and mentioned only that the Gate was InfinitiCorp's gift to, "The more agrarian citizens of our great Galaxy." Mr. Lanks went further to explain this is a growth opportunity for the citizens that previously had only limited access to modern conveniences.

But the Bogeril citizens are less thrilled about this latest move by InfinitiCorp. Said one backwater resident, "Ya just ain't gonna make many friends by tossing yer welcome mat on somebody else's front porch." Another citizen, after hearing the news, stated, "Yaıll may come truckin' in here, but donıt tread on our flowers. You might wind up having to scrape something off yer boots."

InfintiCorp has not disclosed the completion dates for the new project, but significant construction has already been completed and crews are working around the clock.

Devil Weed Festival Scheduled for Next Year

Astounded by the sudden popularity of Devil Weed Seed harvesting last month, a group calling itself the "Devil Weed Debutantes" has decided to make Devil Weed picking a yearly festival. Festival activities include contests with categories such as 'most prolific seed output', 'speed picking champion' and 'largest plant growth'. Attendees will also be able to purchase jewelry and crafts made from the seeds.


- Cerdith

Here are the details:


  • Tada-O representatives will be hosting Halloween festivities from Oct 30th at 17:00 GMT (10am PDT) until Nov 3rd at 17:00 GMT (10 am PDT).
  • An ephemeral message will be displayed if you lose your factional affiliation.
  • Added stars to the begining of the /random command so that it will be much harder to mimic using chat.
Missions & NPCs
  • As the story evolves, certain missions may become expired as they are no longer relevant or possible.
  • Bring out your fragments! Arinyl Narida in Trader's Fort is building the ultimate collection and may be interested in some fragments you've been hoarding. Yes, you can keep bringing him fragments and receiving his reward. This is not an exploit!
  • Doctor Delsin Waneta has grown exasperated with the constant interruptions at Fenris Prime Observatory and has relocated his lab to a ship outside the station where it is hoped people will have a bit more respect for his brilliance and need for peace and quiet!
  • The Birthday Celebration is over so Belulah Lee is no longer baking special cakes.
  • Corrected a mission journal entry that was sending players to report to Hadrain Gurk at Praetorium Mons on Primus planet, instead of his current location at Arx Tiberius in Tarsis sector.
  • Decreased mob resistance to the Power Down skill. Mobs will be fooled more consistantly now.
  • Increased player menace immunity from 15 seconds to 45 seconds. The immunity begins as soon as the menace effect wears off on the player. NPCs do not receive menace immunity and can be chain menaced by players.
  • A buff icon will now be displayed for group cloak. Previously this icon was only visible to the player who initiated the cloak.
  • Altered the effect description for the Improved Powerdown effect. Previously the skill value increase was reflected as a percentage. We will now be displaying the actual level increase.
Combat & Mobs
  • The Bogeril have begun to recognize the contributions of friends and are now much more accepting of outsiders in their midst. Of course, those EarthCorp boys are still scum.
  • Tourist ships in Glenn Sector enjoyed a brief period of uninterrupted tour operation, but the peace has been shattered once again.
  • Denebian Bullyweres are reportedly fighting back now when they're in range to do so.
  • Added extended loot timers to the Ten-Gu mini bosses in Cooper.
  • Added the correct treasure tables to the V'rix boss mobs on Primus Planet.
  • Altered some loot drops on low level mobs in Mars Sector.
  • Fixed the cause of intermittent sector crashes. This specifically fixes crashes of Blackbeard's Wake following the successful conclusion of a Controller raid.
  • The faction of the Centuriata Diversusis now Centuriata rather than Sabine.
  • Nommos will no longer trigger quite so many warnings when attacked by non-permitted hunters.
  • Swooping Eagle revamp including V'rix presence, new mobs, new loot and new event.
  • The Mordana Purifier Philosopher has been spotted moving about to further his research. He will likely be spotted more frequently and in more locations now.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented formations from travelling at proper speed on planets.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed some incapacitated characters to appear to be able to move at impulse speed.
  • Fixed some nav map issues in Xipe Totec. The route from Dragon's Watch Epsilon to Prasad Station is now more direct.
Trade & Items
  • Brawn cords are a bit more abundant.
  • Added some component drops to treasure tables in Blackbeard's Wake.
  • Fixed a typo in the recipe for Composite Steel Sheets. No Liquid Yunieon is required.
  • Changed the name of the Tada-O Most Pricking Beams to the Tada-O Most Clawing Beams.
  • Sturdy solar cells and sturdy solar panels may now be manufactured by anyone who has the recipe for them that also has adequate building skill in any of the building disciplines.
  • Items with Improved Missile Accuracy, Improved Projectile Accuracy, Improved Beam Accuracy, Improved Missile Handling, Improved Projectile Handling or Improved Beam Handling have been upgraded to include an increased damage effect.


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