Earth & Beyond

Earth & Beyond Sector Maps:

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Mobs in this sector:

Name Hulltype Combat Level
Bullywere Leeches Organic 48
Bullywere Majesty Organic 50
Fringe Horror Organic 25
Manitor Organic 27
Manitor Prime Organic 28

Resources in this sector:

Resource Name Refines To Level
Calcites Calcium 1
Raw Topaz Topaz 1
Apollonite Apollonium 7
Demeter's Tears Haphaestian Heatshield 7
Horusium Ore Horusium 7
Iridium Ore Iridium 7
Niobite Niobium 7
Raw Diamond Diamond 7
Raw Eye Stone Eye Stone 7
Raw Hadecite Refined Hadecite 7
Stygian Blacksand Black Silicon 7
Abyssian Dust Abyssian Silicon 8
Ambrosia Crude Immortal FlexiGlass 8
Duplium Ore Duplium 8
Idunium Ore Idunium 8
Khnumium Ore Khnumium 8
Minosium Ore Minosium 8
Morganium Ore Morganium 8
Persephonite Persephonium 8
Raw Acheronite Refined Acheronite 8
Raw Charybdis Voidstone Charybdis Voidstone 8
Raw Meteoric Diamond Meteoric Diamond 8
Raw Meteoric Diamond Meteoric Diamond 8
Raw Scyllan Diamond Scyllan Diamond 8
Vanirum Ore Vanirum 8
Abaddon Ashes Abaddon Silicon 9
Aesirium Ore Aesirium 9
Asmodeusium Ore Asmodeusium 9
Balderium Ore Balderium 9
Grail Water Arthurian Plastic 9
Kronosite Kronosium 9
Modredium Ore Modredium 9
Nova Dust NovaClear Gemstone 9
Raw Erebusite Refined Erebusite 9
Raw Tiberium Crystals Tiberium 9
Thothium Ore Thothium 9


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