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Rumor Control 2003-10-02

Earth & Beyond,

I'm writing to you to officially dispel some rumors and other points of confusion in the community that have recently surfaced.

We are not currently working on an expansion pack. We have discussed internally what an expansion could include, and have completed some designs for potential expansion pack features, but we have not initiated production on any of these concepts.

Other concepts that we have discussed internally and with the community that we are not currently working on include:

  • Guild Amenities
  • Guild Vaults and/or additional vault space
  • 300% manufacturing
  • Progen Trader, Jenquai Trader, and Terran Explorer
These remain high priority items that we would like to develop, but we simply do not have the resources to be able to start work on these projects.

All of our resources are being used to develop additional content for the existing game including sectors, missions, epic encounters, updating skills, holiday events and items.

We spent the first months after launch working on combat. I've stated in the past that our priority is now explore and trade content. That priority has not changed. For explorers, expect updates to the Mars Construction project, asteroids and ruined hulks - specifically that the rewards are more tailored more for the explorer classes. For traders - more mission types that encourage the building of item lines.

We regret any confusion these rumors may have caused, and hope you'll be patient with us as we announce upcoming content additions. You'll know if you read it on the official website, in a developer update or in the newsletter, it's actually going to happen. Thanks for showing so much interest in Earth & Beyond and its future.

Producer, Earth & Beyond







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