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Pegasus Galaxy Optimization Procedures - Today (02/18/04) 2004-02-18

We are deploying server optimization code today (02/18/04) beginning at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern Time on the Pegasus Galaxy. Pegasus has been selected because it is the Galaxy experiencing the most visible latency. We are aware that other galaxies have been affected by lag following our most recent game update and we are working hard at solutions. This optimization of the load balancing code on Pegasus will assure we're on the right track for everyone and thus it's being done immediately. A full game (all Galaxies) optimization update has been requested from production control and is tentatively scheduled for next week (we do not currently have an exact date, but will update you when we have more information). Be sure to read this week's dev update for details on what the engineering team is doing to improve your play experience.

What does this mean for players on Pegasus?

In order to deploy the load balancing changes the Pegasus servers must be restarted (also called 'Bouncing' and 'Rebooting'), and it is possible the servers will be rebooted multiple times over the next few hours. Our GM staff is aware of this situation and will be alerting Pegasus players prior to the server restart(s).

Stainlyss, our integration engineer, will be posting following the deploy and requesting feedback from Pegasus players on EB Portal. Please keep your eyes open for that post following the completion of this integration.

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve your gaming experience!

The Earth & Beyond Team.







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