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Movers & Shakers! 2004-02-04

The Mover Package: $19.99
One Character transferred to a new galaxy and one name change.

Is it time to jet to a new galaxy? Are you ready to explore another galaxy with all new friends, foes, and fun? Then it's time to purchase a Mover package and head on up to the east side ... of Galileo, Andromeda, or the galaxy of your choice! Helping you establish yourself as the new kid on the block is the chance to change your name before you let the locals know what's what. The Mover Package is a great way to get up and started as you uproot from one galaxy to another.

The E&B Galaxy Transfer Program is a Premium Account Service that allows Earth and Beyond players to move their characters between shards or between accounts. Currently, we are offering two special promotions to celebrate the launch of this program:

The Shaker Package: $19.99
One new account and one character transferred.

Are you ready to expand your Earth and Beyond horizons with a new account? Do you wish you had a trader making runs for you in Orion while your Warrior mixes things up with the V'rix invaders? Then it's time to shake things up with The Shaker Package! The Shaker Package allows you to create a new account and move one of your existing characters to your new account. Don't let the V'rix get the best of your galaxy, double down with The Shaker Package.

To purchase either of these E&B Galaxy Transfer packages, please contact our Account Services team.







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