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Earth & Beyond Icon Contest Winners Announced! 2004-01-30
The judges have judged, the votes have been tallied and it is time to announce the Grand Prize Winners of the Earth & Beyond Icon Contest! Congratulations go to: Rift of Galileo for creating the winning entry in the Equipped Items Category and Merlvin of Galileo for creating the winning entry in the General Items Category. Each of these individuals will receive an Earth & Beyond prize package and may have their entries featured in a future game update! Thanks to everyone that participated in the contest and congratulations Rift and Merlvin!

Patch Update 2003-12-09
We're tracking some issues from todays game update.

December Game Update Patch Message is Live 2003-12-08
The latest patch message has gone live. You can read the full patch message HERE or by visiting Server Info >> Patch Messages and clicking on "Merjan Missing (Patch for 12/09/03)".

Seven Day Amnesty Announced! 2003-11-11
Getting back into the galaxy will be easier than ever. Today, the Earth & Beyond team announced that all former players will be able to play for free from Nov. 11 to Nov. 18.

October Game Update Patch Message Is Live 2003-10-28
The latest patch message has gone live and can be viewed by clicking here or by visiting the Server Info>Patch Messages>and clicking on 'Last Flight of the Kokura (Patch Message for 10/28/2003)'.

October pre-patch chat with EB Portal! 2003-10-27
The time and date of the October pre-patch chat at EB Portal has been set.

Rumor Control 2003-10-02
I'm writing to you to officially dispel some rumors and other points of confusion in the community that have recently surfaced.

We are not currently working on an expansion pack. We have discussed internally what an expansion could include, and have completed some designs for potential expansion pack features, but we have not initiated production on any of these concepts.

Live cams from birthday parties! 2003-09-27
The Earth & Beyond birthday parties are underway at eight game centers around the U.S., and we've got live webcams set up at each one! If you can't be there in person, just go to our page of live feeds and watch the action!

Help Save The Birthday Party! 2003-09-25
Oh no! It's the first anniversary of Earth & Beyond and there's just too many things to get ready before the birthday parties commence! What a travesty!

Patch Delayed Until Tuesday Night (Tomorrow) 2003-09-22
Hello all, I've just gotten word from Production Control that our September game update will not be going out tonight due to a scheduling issue. I don't have any additional details. I am advised that the patch will occur tomorrow evening instead (late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning).

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