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Earth & Beyond Interactive Map
With the Earth & Beyond Interactive Map you'll have all the information you'll need to get around the galaxy. Click here to view the map or read the Earth & Beyond Interactive Map Help Guide below.
The galactic map shows you all sectors and to which systems they belong.

The the controls on the right side allows you to zoom in and out of the map.

By moving your cursor onto the map and holding down the left-click you can move the map in any direction.

Left-clicking on a sector will bring up closeup view of that sector. While in the sector view, you'll notice a "Return" button in the upper right corner. Left-click on this button to return to the galactic view.


Left-clicking on the "Plot Course" tab opens up the navigation interface. Select your starting location, desired destination, and character's profession from the pulldown menus and then the "Plot Course" button to generate the quickest course.

If you would also like a text-based version of the directions, check the "Include text directions" box.

Left-clicking on the "Plot Course" tab again will close the navigation interface.


Left-clicking on the "Options" tab opens an interface which will allow you to toggle certain information on or off.

By default the galactic map displays system and sector names, but through the Options interface, you can also display all space stations as well as all possible routes between sectors (remember, some routes are restricted to certain professions).

Left-clicking on the "Options" tab again will close the interface.

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