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What is Earth & Beyond


Earth and Beyond was, in fact, one of the best MMORPGs ever released, well, to many of us it was anyways.  This game was created by some very creative people at Westwood Studios, and, while surfing this site, you will see many documents written by them.  The Westwood Studios team had a vision.  So many games out there that were the same .. hunting rats with a rusty dagger and torn cloths for example.  Earth and Beyond was going to be different, and, it sure was.

This game offered everything, 3 different mission types, 150 levels per character, 3 races each with 3 professions, a crafting system that is very different from all others ever seen, uber items that set everyone apart, epic missions, the ability to solo with ease or team up with friends, and much much more.  This game was very different from all others.   One thing that this game created that no one expected, was perhaps the best community of people ever assembled.

One problem was that Westwood Studios wasn't exactly the biggest, it was a small, but very successful company.  Their claim to fame was the Command & Conquer (C&C) series.  In 1998, Electronic Arts (EA), one of the biggest publishers in the industry, bought out Westwood studios with a $122 million dollar cash deal.  During the buyout, Earth and Beyond was in development stages, and EA continued on the development of the game, including another title Westwood Studios was working on, C&C: Generals. 

Earth and Beyond went live in the fall of 2002 after a very successful Beta Testing session.  The game was beautiful, the music, sounds, graphics, all were the best.  Once the game was released, thousands of players signed up for accounts, creating unique characters.  Shortly after launch, players started to notice things wrong .. one thing was that 3 character classes were missing.  Also, another thing that many noticed, was that there was little advertising being done for the game.  Questions were being asked to the developers, and no answers were given.  The community started to thin out, and players started to play other games.

It wasn't long before the developers starting to frequently use the sentence, "... we just don't have the resources to do that."  How could a billion dollar a year company like Electronic Arts have no resources.  More players left in anger.  We all had questions, but, the developers were unable to answer them.

Then it happened.  In early 2004, Electronic Arts announced that they were shutting down Earth and Beyond to focus the resources elsewhere.  The community was outraged.  People cancelled accounts and left for other MMOs.  Our game was officially dead.  Some diehard players, like myself, stayed until the plug was pulled.  September 22, 2004 was the last day of Earth and Beyond.  Rumors say that there were anywhere from 5,000 to 7,000 active accounts in the end.

Perhaps Electronic Arts thought that the community of Earth and Beyond would die off, with players finding safe haven in other MMOs.  Well, they were wrong.  Were still here.  Since the games closure on September 22, 2004, the still active community of Earth and Beyond has been very active in trying to get the game back, through fan sites like this on, or on the Electronic Arts message boards, or sending letters to the executives at Electronic Arts, or with petitions.  Were doing everything to convince Electronic Arts to re-open Earth and Beyond, or licence the game out to another company that will care for it.  If any executives from Electronic Arts reads this, please, re-open the game.  Let us fly our ships yet once again.

- CraZboy


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