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Do the developers read the message boards?
Yes, absolutely. Most members of the team read the boards on their own, in addition to receiving reports highlighting the major topics of interest and discussion.

Will there be in-game staff to address customer concerns?
Yes. Our customer relations department will be fully staffed to provide technical and in-game assistance through a variety of means.

Will there be in game volunteers?
No. Though we do anticipate that some of you may have a desire to assist one another and that some play styles lend themselves well to this sort of role. We will provide players with the opportunity through regular game play and completion of missions, to take on additional roles within their community. Any player may choose to become involved in this expanded game content by diligently completing missions and earning the appropriate faction and reputation.

Will guilds exist in Earth & Beyond?
Player-formed guilds and organizations will be encouraged and supported within Earth & Beyond™, permitting powerful cooperative exploratory treks, trade missions and galactic raids.

Will there be guild vaults?
We want to provide guild support, but this is unlikely to be present at launch.

Will guilds be allowed to use different chat channels?
Yes, we'll provide guilds and other groups the ability to use their own chat channel.

Can guilds control planets or space stations?

Will guilds be able to declare war on each other?

How will the news system work?
News will be provided inside the game within the lounges of space stations as well as on our news site.

What's NET 7?
NET-7 is the only communications, media and virtual network that spans the whole of civilized space. Linked by a series of relay stations at nexus points, signals are sent through the gate network. Effectively NET-7 is the major news network for the Earth & Beyond™ universe and strives to present as impartial a view of events as possible. Other news services allied with various factions compete with NET-7 to present news and put their own particular spin on situations.

Player interaction with NET-7 might occur while visiting a space station. The huge in-lounge screens keep travelers informed through broadcasts, breaking bulletins and even commercials! Those players who enjoy the challenges of serving as a galactic reporter might opt to undertake missions for NET-7 and earn the opportunity to submit stories for broadcast on NET-7. Of course, NET-7 reports will be relayed to the Earth & Beyond™ website as well.

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