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The Guilds of Earth & Beyond

This section is a work in progress.  It is not complete, and most of the links don't work.  I will attempt to make this section as complete as possible, and you might even be able to look yourself up in the neer future.

Total number of guilds: 1904
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A guild is a group of players who have teamed up to form an ongoing organization for the benefit of all its members. A guild can be as small as six players, or it could contain hundreds of members.

A guild usually starts as a group of friends or like-minded adventurers, though guilds can also grow into huge social and political organizations. Guilds help you meet other players and learn the game, while adding to the fun through organizing raids, running trade routes, or even putting together training sessions for new players.

The functions, abilities, and missions of guilds are widely varied. One guild may focus solely on combat and sell its protective services to the highest bidder. Another guild may rely solely on trade as its primary mission. The largest guilds are often more social organizations with sub-groups for specific types of players, such as warriors or explorers. Large guilds can become highly structured. But even a small group of friends or family members can form a guild to share the benefits.

Some guilds will accept anyone who wants to join, while others may be very selective and require stringent testing before allowing a new member to join. You'll likely have many chances to join guilds. You can jump right in and find a good one through trial and error if you wish, or you can be more selective by researching and observing guilds before offering your service.

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