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The Guilds of Earth & Beyond:  Guild Commands


Guild Command List
Members of a guild can access their guild tools by clicking the Group button in the chat interface, then selecting Guild Info. (You can also create a guild from this area.)

The Guild Interface allows you to perform many guild-related functions. The functions can also be performed with the slash commands listed below.

/gu sends text to guild channel

/gc create <name> creates a new guild with the specified name

/gc recruit recruits a new member

/gc list lists all active guild members

/gc promote promotes a guild member one level. (A guild leader can replace himself by promoting another member to guild leader, in which case the existing leader is demoted one level.)

/gc demote demotes guild member one level

/gc remove <name> removes member of lesser rank from guild

/gc leave leave guild voluntarily

/gc message <text> sets message that will appear to all guild members as they log in

/gc disband permanently disbands guild

/gc stats <guild name> shows guild statistics

/gc publicstats <on, off> toggles display of guild statistics to non-members

/gc contributions <name> displays experience contributed by an individual member


Guild Statistics on E&B Website

Guild leaders should also be aware that they can enable their guild's statistics to show up on the guild area of the E&B website.

To enable statistics for the website, here are the steps that the guild leader should take:

1. Login E&B with Guild Leader Account

2. Click "Group" from the Drop down Menus

3. Click "Guild info"

New window Opens

4. Click "Your Name\Guild Leader Name" in the Left Window of the New Window

5. Click the button "Public Status"


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