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The Guilds of Earth & Beyond:  Rules of Conduct


How will GMs action/treat Guilds?

For most issues, we will not treat players in guilds any differently than players not in guilds when the ROC or TOS is violated.

However, there are some things that guild leaders and members should keep in mind regarding how guilds will be Actioned when there are rule violations.

1) Guild chat will not be actively monitored for TOS. Though our GM staff will come down hard on players that use bad language in public channels, we feel that guilds should be able to speak freely within the privacy of their private guild channel in most cases. We reserve the right to action any guild for illegal activity but will not look for bad language violations within the privacy of guild chat channels. It is our belief that players of similar interests will play together. If a guild member does not like the play style of language that their guild uses then they are free to join a more suitable guild for their taste.

2) Guilds may be disbanded if a majority of active guild members are found in violation of the same rule or a significant number of guild members are found in repeated violation of the rules. For example: a guild may be instantly disbanded for exploiting or group harassing if enough guild members are guilty of a rules violation. But a guild that has a few bad apples will not be disbanded when action is taken against just a few offending guild members. However, if too many players in the same guild are actioned, the guild may be permanently disbanded. We encourage everyone to promote fair and honest game play and hope that the guilds in Earth & Beyond will do the same.

3) Guild conflicts. From time to time a guild may be in a competing situation with a rival guild. If game play conflicts arise, a GM may be called in to arbitrate. GM action or arbitration against a guild will automatically be reviewed by a panel of GM leads and the Director of Customer Relations within 48 hours of any mass action or controversial decision.

Note: If two guilds are in competition for a particular resource (Mob etc.), our general policy is first come first served. If two guild compete for a major spawn, the first guild that is able to attack and defeat the MOB will be recognized. At this time, E&B game mechanics award the XP and loot from a MOB to the player or group that does the most damage. In keeping with the spirit of this design, when two guilds compete for the same resource at nearly the same time, to the victor goes the spoils.


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