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Skills: Progen Warrior

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Build Weapons
The Build Weapons skill allows the character to analyze and manufacture weapons (beam, projectile, and missile launcher) and projectile and missile ammunition packs. The character can only attempt to analyze or manufacture weapon or ammunition items of a tech level equal to or below their current skill level.

Combat Trance
The Combat Trance skill gives the player combat bonuses, but can only be activated whenever the ship is at a complete halt. The bonuses can take different forms at higher levels. The skill will persist for a while as the character starts moving. As the character gains levels the skill will persist longer.

Critical Targeting
The Critical Targeting skill allows the player to occasionally inflict greater than normal damage.

Missile Weapon
The Missile Weapon skill allows utilization of higher tech level missile weapons and improves the player's accuracy when utilizing them. A player's Missile Weapon skill level must be at or above the level of a particular Missile Weapon in order for it to be equipped.

Activation of the Self-Destruct skill causes the player's ship to explode, doing large amounts of damage to all enemies within a radius. Increased levels of ability increase the amount of damage applied.

Damage Control
The Damage Control skill passively protects the player's equipment, lessening damage done to it. It does not protect against shield damage.

*Repair Equipment
The Repair Equipment skill allows the player to repair damaged equipment attached to a target's ship. This skill is switched on and off rather than instantaneously activated. While the ability is switched on, the target's equipment items are repaired over time at the expenditure of energy.

Enrages a targeted NPC, causing that NPC to focus its attack on the player.

Gravity Link
The gravity link skill imparts some control over local gravity values.

Shield Sap
This skill allows the player to drain shield energy from a target or group of targets. As the Warrior becomes more skilled in Shield Sap, he is able to add the drained shield energy to his own shields and eventually to the shields of his groupmates. At the highest level of the ability, the Warrior can drain shield energy from multiple targets simultaneously and increase the shield energy of himself and his groupmates.

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