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Progen Warrior - Click to Enlarge
Progen Warrior
Progen ships have the best shields, armor and hulls, but are the slowest ships. Progen rely more on weaponry than special systems.

The initial Progen Warrior ship is heavy and has a high sensor signature, moving slowly through space and attracting the most attention. It can sustain heavy damage and still engage in combat. It has a limited cargo capacity, and the Progen Warrior relies on his combat abilities to gather wealth, rather than ferrying resources from port to port.

The Progen Warrior's ship begins the game with two forward-facing weapon mounts, which can be mounted with Lasers, Missiles, or Projectile Launchers. It also has a single system mount.

Progen Sentinel- Click to Enlarge
The Progen Warrior's initial skills allow him to utilize a Tech 1 Shield, Engine and Reactor.

Progen Sentinel (Explorer)
The Progen Sentinel ship has good armor, shielding, weapons and scanning abilities. However, it is a slow ship and does not contain many cargo slots.

The initial Progen Sentinel ship begins with 2 weapons slots and 1 system slot. The cargo hull starts with 12 slots.

Jenquai Explorer - Click to Enlarge
Jenquai Explorer
Jenquai excel at travel and detection, and they specialize in stealth and manipulation.

The beginning Jenquai Explorer ship has the best sensors, stealth abilities, and systems potential. It also has the weakest armor and shields, and the fewest weapons, but the highest number of systems mounts. It also has the least amount of cargo space.

Jenquai Explorers are group-friendly, with the ability to pinpoint enemy weaknesses and share that information with allies. Their ships are fast, hard to detect, and come with a number of special systems, along with the ability to cloak, teleport, find weaknesses, and prospect.

Jenquai Defender - Click to Enlarge
The initial Jenquai Explorer ship has four system mounts and one weapon mount, which can be equipped with a laser.

Jenquai Defender (Warrior)
The Jenquai Defender ship has great reactors and good weapons and stealth abilities. Jenquai Defenders must weigh these benefits against poor shields and light armor.

The initial Jenquai Defender ship is equipped with 2 weapons slots and 1 system slot. The cargo hold has 12 slots.

Terran Tradesman - Click to Enlarge
Terran Tradesman
Terran activities center around commerce and versatility, and their ships reflect this. They have best speed (though the Trader ship has average speed) and average defenses, and the largest cargo bays. Terrans have the ability to manufacture and trade, as well as use the equipment of other races.

The initial Terran Tradesman ship has one weapons mount and one system mount. It can also mount Missiles.

Terran Enforcer - Click to Enlarge
Terran Tradesmen are group-friendly, with the ability to recharge shields, salvage extra goods that others might miss, and rally friendly forces. They can also use "debuff" and distraction skills, and their pilots receive reputation and faction bonuses.

Terran Enforcer (Warrior)
The initial Terran Enforcer ship has two weapons mounts and one systems mount. It can mount Lasers, systems and engines. It can also mount missiles.

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