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Six classes of ships are playable in the external test: Progen Warrior, Progen Sentinel, Jenquai Defender, Jenquai Explorer, Terran Tradesman and Terran Enforcer. Each ship has its inherent strengths and weaknesses. Your character's skills dictate the Tech Level of items that he or she may equip on the ship, and some races or classes begin at higher levels in certain skills than others do.

Ship Speed
As you upgrade your ship and its components, your basic speed factor will change. The speed factors for the six beginning ships are:

  • Terran Tradesman, 182
  • Terran Enforcer, 160
  • Jenquai Explorer, 177
  • Jenquai Defender, 137
  • Progen Warrior, 123
  • Progen Sentinel, 155

Mounting Points
The types of mounting points available are Device, Weapon, Shield, Reactor, and Engine. Each beginning ship comes with at least one mount of each type.


[ Ships: Hull Upgrade | Ships: Races | Ships: Items | Ships: Cargo ]

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