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Welcome to Earth & Beyond! As a Progen Warrior, your primary objective is to defend Vega and its sister system, Gallina.

Once you have created your character and chosen your galaxy, you will receive a transmission from Gratis Augustus Var.

Megan, your computerized personal assistant, will help you with your training mission.

Sub-Commander Trask
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Hold Your Foe & Kill Scatter Drone
Upon arriving on Arx Forgus, you can find Sub-Commander Trask straight ahead, past the two bay doors. Speak to her by walking towards her and left-clicking on her. Your mouse cursor will turn into a talk bubble icon once you are in range to speak with her.

Now that you have received your mission, exit the starbase by walking through the doors with the letter "P" hovering above them. Click on your starship to exit the base.

Using Gravity Link
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Mercury Drone
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Scatter Drone
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Open your Navigation Map and plot a course to the Mercury Training Ground. To do this you'll want to let your mouse cursor hover above the various question marks until you come across Mercury Training Ground. Once you've located it, click on the warp button.

When you arrive at the Mercury Training Ground, locate a Mercury Drone. Target it by clicking on it with your cursor. You shouldn't have a problem finding one as they fly through space. They will have yellow icons hovering above them. The yellow icon indicates they are neutral and will only attack you if you attack them first.

Once you have a Mercury Drone targeted, use Gravity Link to slow it down. You can either press the Gravity Link button in your shortcut tray or press the number four key on your keyboard.

Now that you have slowed down the drone, you will have to travel towards it until you are in range to fire your weapons. You'll notice that red crosshairs have appeared around your weapon. As you get closer to the enemy, your crosshairs will get closer and closer together until they turn green and then you can fire your weapons. Continue to fire your weapons until the drone is destroyed.

After you have killed the Mercury Drone, quickly kill the Scatter Drone before it escapes. It's a fast little bugger, so you should use Gravity Link to slow it down. If you aren't fast enough to kill the Scatter Drone, don't fret. It won't hamper your future role as a Progen Warrior, but think of the embarrassment of knowing a mighty Progen Warrior failed to kill a simple Scatter Drone. When you get a chance, target the destroyed drone and click the loot button. The loot interface will pop up, and you can left-click on any item that you want transported to your ship.

Warp back to Arx Forgus and speak with Sub-Commander Trask. After you've spoken to her you'll need to go back into space and practice your skills by raising your combat experience.

Until you have a better combat level, you should stick with the Mercury Training Ground, Achilles Training Ground, and the Hercules Training Ground to raise your experience. Remember, Progen Warriors fight smart and work together. You may want to group up to earn combat experience quickly.

Once you are at least level 3, you will be ready for the next phase of your training. Warp to Arx Forgus and speak with Sub-Commander Trask to hear your next mission.

Exploit Enemy Weakness

Buying Goods

There is a good chance that you'll run out of ammo using your new projectile weapon. A quick way to grab more ammo is to buy more from a merchant at Arx Forgus.

At Arx Forgus there is a hallway with a dollar sign hovering above the bay doors. Go through the doors to get to the Trade Hall.

Buying Goods
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Speak with the merchant that is on your left as you enter the trade hall. You will want to trade and see what goods the merchant has. Make sure you have room in your cargo hold. If you don't have enough room, transfer an item to your Vault.

Now, buy a stack of Executioner Blades for 600 credits. A Progen Warrior can never have too much ammo. If you don't have 600 credits, you can sell items that you have accumulated from looting ships to the merchant.

Once you are done, click on the X on any of the menus. To exit the starbase, go through the same doors that you entered. You should now be in the main hall with Sub-Commander Trask. Exit as usual by going through the doors with a letter "P" hovering above them.

After you have left Arx Forgus, warp to the Achilles Training Ground. To do that, plot a course using the Navigation Map. Locate the Achilles Training Ground and click the warp button.

Achilles Drone
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Back for More
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Engage in combat with an Achilles Drone using your Beam weapon. After you have defeated the Achilles Drone, you will receive a message from Sub-Commander Trask. She has taken the liberty of placing a Sparta Executioner's Finger and ammunition into your cargo hold. Equip the Executioner's Finger and take out another Achilles Drone. Once you've done that, return to Arx Forgus and report to Sub-Commander Trask.

Now you will have to continue working on your Combat level to continue with training. Exit Arx Forgus and use your new weapon to attack hostile entities until you have reached level 6. Make sure not to attack anything above your combat level as it's almost certain you'll need a tow back to Arx Forgus. You should also group with fellow Progen Warriors to raise Combat experience quickly and kill higher level hostile entities.

When you have reached Level 6, return to Arx Forgus and speak with Sub-Commander Trask to continue your training.

Your New Weapon
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Overwhelming Force
Once you have received your mission, exit Arx Forgus and open your Navigation Map. Plot a course to the Hercules Training Ground and click the warp button.

At the Hercules Training Ground, find a Hercules Drone and attack it. Use a combination of Diamond Laser beam and your Executioner's Finger projectile weapon. Then, finish the drone off with your new Shield Ram skill. Be careful not to overdo it as Shield Ram will drain your shields when you use it.

Shield Inversion
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Destroy two more drones, making sure to use the Shield Ram skill, and return back to Sub-Commander Trask at Arx Forgus.

You still need more work before you're ready for that promotion, Legionnaire. Exit Arx Forgus and work on your combat experience. Once you get to level 9 (overall level), return to Arx Forgus to speak with Sub-Commander Trask. She rewards you with a Troy II shield (level 2 shield, so you need to have a level 2 shield tech skill in order to equip it), as well as teaching you the damage control skill.

Congratulations! Your training is now complete. You are now a full-fledged Centuriata.

Sub-Commander Trask has assigned you to report to the Legatus Magnus, Gratis Augustus Var. He is in Arx Tiberius, In the Tarsis sector. Good luck.

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