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Welcome to Earth & Beyond! As a Progen Sentinel, you are a protector of the Progen genetic code.

Once you have created your character and chosen your galaxy, you will receive a transmission from Vinda.

Megan, your computerized personal assistant, will help you with your training mission.

Ten'Shao Anala
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Prospect Genetic Material
Once you have docked at Arx Prima, speak to Tovar Maxe. He can be found beyond the two baydoors in the Main Hall. Speak to him by walking towards him and left-clicking on him. Your mouse cursor will turn into a talk bubble icon once you are in range to speak with him. Now that you've finished that conversation, it's time to begin your mission.

To leave the starbase you need to return to your ship. Your ship is located at the same spot where you docked. Turn around and walk through the two baydoors that have a letter "P" hovering above it. Click on your ship when you are ready to exit the starbase.

Before you go, you should speak with Orgus, the reclaimer who's standing in the Hangar Bay where your ship is docked. He can provide useful advice as you progress with your training.

Rescue a Warrior's...

Emergency Transmission
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You've just received an emergency transmission! You must quickly fly to Nav Brightside 3. Open your Navigation Map, locate Nav Brightside 3, and click on it. If you're having problems locating it, let your mouse cursor hover above the various question marks until you find it. Now press your Warp button. Quickly now, there's no time to waste!

Recover Gene Map
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The ambush site should be directly ahead. There will be many hostile enemies and destroyed ships. Find and target a Destroyed Centuriata Ship and press the Prospect button on your targeting interface. If you can't press the Prospect button, get closer to the ship so that you are in range. When you've finished prospecting the Centuriata Gene-Map, plot a course back to Arx Prima and warp out of there. Dock at the starbase and speak with Tovar Maxe. He'll be waiting in the Main Hall, past the two baydoors.

If you upgraded in level, let Megan explain how to upgrade your skills by clicking on the Character Information Button.

It's time to chat with Centurion Minda. She's in the same area as Tovar Maxe, but is standing next to the baydoors that lead to the Merchant's Bazaar.

Blast a Devil Spawn
After speaking with her, head back to your ship and exit Arx Prima. Centurion Minda had the reclaimers make adjustments to your ship and gave you a new Exorcist Projectile Weapon. Before you leave, you should seek Orgus for advice on your mission.

Dish Devil Combat
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Now that you have left the starbase, open your Inventory and press the Equip button. Equip Minda's Exorcist by dragging and dropping the weapon to the empty Weapons slot. When it is finished installing, open your Navigation Map and plot a course to Psionic Emitter 1.

You'll notice Devil Spawns flying through space by the red icon hovering next to it. This indicates they are hostile. Fly towards one until your weapons are in range. You can tell if you're in range when the crosshairs on your weapons turn green. Fire your weapons by either pressing the corresponding keys on your keyboard (Usually number 1 and number 2) or by clicking the weapon in your shortcut tray. Continue to fire your weapons until the Devil Spawn has been destroyed. Projectile weapons work best when fighting with Devil Spawns.

Inform Minda First?
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Press the loot button to check if there are any items to take from the destroyed hull. Open your Navigation Map and head back to Arx Prima. Speak to Centurion Minda when you arrive.

Until you reach combat level 3, you need to work on your Combat Experience. You can either head back to Nav Brightside 3 and kill Manes or go to Psionic Emitter 1 and destroy Devil Spawns. Make sure to group with other players; it'll allow you to level quickly.

You will have to make a decision when you speak to Centurion Minda. You can report to her first if you hear something important or report the news to Tovar Maxe. If you do report the news to Centurion Minda, your faction with the Centuriata Warriors increases. If you stick with Tovar Maxe, the Sabine Explorers faction increases.

Learn to Prospect

Prospecting Ore
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Walk to the Merchant's Bazaar after speaking with Tovar Maxe. Speak to Fet Rastian. The Merchant's Bazaar is located through the baydoors with a Dollar sign hovering above it.

After speaking to Fet Rastian, leave the Merchant's Bazaar the same way you came in. The baydoors with the arrow hovering above it will lead you to the Main Hall. From there, you know how to get to your ship.

Plot a course to Debris Area Alpha. Once you're there, target an Asteroid. When you're within range, press the Prospect button on your Target Interface. A prospecting window will open up on the right, showing the different ore in the asteroid. Click on the iron ore icon to prospect it. Return back to Arx Prima and speak to Fet Rastian.

Prospecting II
Fet Rastian wants you to collect a unit of Copper Ore, but won't tell you where it is located. Since Fet doesn't want you to speak to Orgus, you should naturally want to find him. He's still in the Hangar Bay where your ship is docked.

As you speak with Orgus, you will have to make a decision. Continue your current mission of finding Copper Ore or replace the mission by bringing Diridium back to Fet.

Prospecting Crystals
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If you decide to continue with your current mission, exit Arx Prima and equip the Oraculum Primoris device that Fet gave you as a reward for your last mission. Open your inventory and press the Equip button. Drag the device and drop it in the empty Devices slot. Now plot a course to Debris Area Gamma.

Locate an Asteroid and target it. While you are out there prospecting, you should keep an eye out for a ship. If you see it, target it and press the Message button. If you don't see it, don't fret. You will be able to find it again in a later mission.

When you're in range of the Asteroid, press the Prospect button. Click on the copper ore icon to prospect it. Now return to Arx Prima where you should speak with Fet. Now you should go to Tovar Maxe in the Main Hall.

Note: If you've already found the ship, skip to the third paragraph of the Search For Clues mission to continue this walkthrough.

Diridium Detour
If you decide to put Fet to shame and ask Orgus where Diridium is located, exit Arx Prima. Open your Inventory and press the Equip button. You should equip the Oraculum Primoris device that Fet gave you as a reward for your last mission. Drag the device and drop it in the empty Devices slot. Now plot a course to the Sector Gate to Mars. Target the Gate and press the Gate button.

Open your Navigation Map and plot a course to Remus. The place you really want to go is behind Remus. Fly around Remus until you see Remus Back. Target a Diridium Crystal, Press the Prospect button and then Prospect the Diridium Crystal.

Now that you have the Diridium Cyrstal it's time to head on home. Plot a course back to Sector Gate to Mars Beta. You will notice that there are three different gates with green, blue, and red as colors. Each gate possesses a mirror image of each other to reduce lag. It doesn't matter which one you go through.

Now on the other side, plot a course and warp to Arx Prima. Find Fet and show off your Diridium Crystal. Now that you've shown Fet a thing or two, speak to Tovar Maxe in the Main Hall.

Search for Clues
Tovar Maxe needs your help in searching for clues pertaining to the mysterious attacks that have been occurring. Before you leave, speak with Orgus for mission advice. Plot a course and warp to Debris Area Gamma.

Search For Clues
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At Debris Area Gamma find the Derelict Reclaimer and press the Message button. He will be hard to spot on the screen; target an asteroid and then use the Target Interface to cycle through all the targets. Now that you have talked to it, head back to Arx Prima and chat with Tovar Maxe to let him know you've found something unusual.

It turns out that the ship belongs to our favorite Reclaimer, Orgus. Speak to Orgus about his ship. After finishing your conversation with him, return to Tovar Maxe.

After speaking with Tovar Maxe, plot a course back to Debris Area Gamma and find Orgus' ship. The password to read Orgus' ship log is Sepulcrum. After you have read it, return to Arx Prima and speak to Tovar Maxe to tell him the news.

You need to improve your skills before you can confront the Red Dragons. You can destroy Devil Spawns that are blocking the Psionic Emitters or kill Manes. You can prospect as well.

If you run out of ammo for your Exorcist you can buy more at the Merchant's Bazaar. Talk to Shir Tibress and choose the trade option. Buy a stack of Exorcist Rounds. You will be able to buy 125 rounds for 500 credits.

Once you've reached an overall level of 6, talk to Tovar Maxe.

Tovar's Trap
Tovar has decided to use you as bait to gather evidence against Fet Rastian. Travel to Debris Area Eta.

You don't have to go too far to be considered secluded. To power down, press the button on your shortcut tray or press the corresponding number on your keyboard (in this case it would be number 4).

Setting the Trap
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The Victim Arrives
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The Trap is Sprung
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When the unsuspecting Red Dragon ship is in range of your weapons, attack it. Your Power Down skill will deactivate. Continue attacking until the ship has been destroyed. Press the Loot button and take any items the ship was carrying. Return back to Arx Prima and confront Fet Rastian with the facts.

Congratulations, you've made Arx Prima a safer place in the galaxy and have been promoted to the rank of Librorum!

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