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Welcome to Earth & Beyond! As a Terran Enforcer, your primary objective is the defense of the Terran alliance.

Once you have created your character and chosen your galaxy, you will receive a transmission from Admiral Diego Herrera.

Megan, your computerized personal assistant, will help you with your training mission.

Lieutenant Raine
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Basic Shooting Range Mission
Upon arriving on Luna Station, you can find Lieutenant Raine straight ahead, past the two bay doors. Speak to him by walking towards him and left clicking on him. Your mouse cursor will turn into a talk bubble icon once you are in range.

Now that you have received your mission, exit the starbase by walking through the doors with the letter "P" hovering above them. Click on your star ship to exit the base.

Combat Tips

With the first Red Dragon Drones, you'll want to stick to them like a planet orbits a sun. That is, stay as close to them as possible. You can press the Follow button which will follow the Red Dragon Drone automatically, but you are better off taking control of your ship and attacking it close and personal.

Red Dragon Drone
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When attacking a hostile entity use a combination of mouse and keyboard commands. Use your mouse to fly close to your enemy and use your keyboard to activate your weapon. By default, your Gradient Laser should be the number 1 key on your keyboard. Use it to fire your Gradient Laser Weapon.

If you're having trouble destroying drones, attack in groups. Target another player and then press the group action button. If the other player accepts your invitation, you can work together destroying drones and receive extra bonus points.

Open your Navigation Map and plot a course to Basic Shooting Range Alpha. To do this you'll want to click on the nearest question mark on your left. Once you've done that, click on the warp button.

You must destroy a Red Dragon Drone. They shouldn't be hard to spot as they'll be flying through space and will have a red icon hovering above them, indicating they are an enemy. Target a Red Dragon Drone and fly towards it until your weapon becomes active. You do remember how to use your weapon, don't you? Try to stay close to the Red Dragon Drone that you're attacking so that your beam weapon can fire off direct hits. You also want to keep an eye on your shields. The moment your shields become depleted and your hull begins to take damage, it's time to high-tail it out of there. Wait until your shields are completely restored before attacking another Red Dragon Drone. If your hull has taken a beating, return to the Luna starbase so that your hull can be repaired. This happens automatically the moment you dock. Go ahead and exit the starbase and get back to fighting the drones.

Plotting a Course
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After about 13 or so hits (fewer if you're skilled), the Red Dragon Drone should be destroyed. After destroying the drone, it's time for you to grab the booty. Target the destroyed drone and click the loot button. The loot interface will pop up, and you can left-click on any item that you want transported to your ship.

Now that you have the loot, warp back to Luna Station and talk with Lieutenant Raine. Remember Ensign, a quick way to warp back to any station is to use the navigation map and plot a course.

Kill Scuttle Larva Mission

Spending Skill Points
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Now that you have proven yourself to Lieutenant Raine, you have another mission to accomplish. It's time to ship out to the Yeager Shipyards. Plot a course using the Navigation Map. The Yeager Shipyards are on your right.

At this time, you may have leveled up. Go ahead and let Megan walk you through the skills process and click on your Character Information Screen.

Now that you've upgraded a skill, go ahead and target one of those metal-sucking Scuttle Larva. Instead of getting close to attack it, use Anger and let the Larva come to you. (The number 5 key is the shortcut key for anger on your keyboard). Once it is in range, unload your weapons and destroy it.

WARNING: It's imperative that you only attack what you can destroy. You don't want to turn yourself into space waste. In the event that you do turn yourself into some inter-galactic space junk, go ahead and grab a tow to base. You won't be charged any XP debt since you're still an Ensign. Stick with attacking Combat Level 1 Scuttle Larva if you're flying solo. Anything above that and you'll want to be in a group.

Enraging the Larva
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Attacking the Larva
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After you've destroyed three Scuttle Larvae, warp back to Luna Station and speak with Lieutenant Raine again.

Besides giving you another mission, Lieutenant Raine will give you an awesome Class 3 Shield. You will need to upgrade your skills to use it. Open your Character Information Screen and click on the Skills tab. Toward the bottom of the list you'll find the Shield Tech level. Click on it and then click the Upgrade button.

Luna Station: the Enforcer's starting base
NOTE: If you do not have enough skill points to upgrade your Shield Tech, explore the sector or fight Red Dragon Drones or Scuttle Larvae to level up and receive new skill points.

To equip your new shield, open your Inventory and then click on the Equip tab. Just like you installed your Gradient Laser weapon, drag and drop the shield from your inventory and into the Shields box.

Message for First Sergeant Mission
Now it's time to warp to Nav Luna Hub. Open your Navigation Map and plot a course. It is located slightly to the left below you.

First Sgt. Kagiso
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You need to find First Sergeant Kagiso. She is busy flying in long circles with an entourage of EarthCorps ships. The easiest way to find her ship is by letting your mouse hover over the various ships. (You can also use the forward and back arrows on your targeting interface.) Once you find her, target her and press the message button. NOTE: Make sure you're in range as you won't be able to talk with her unless you're close enough.

Build Missile Weapon Mission
Warp to the Scrapyard by using the Navigation Map. It is below the Yeager Shipyards.

Find Zebanjo Sefu. HINT: He'll be the only person with a Green icon around him. Now go ahead and target him and press the message button. If he ends the conversation, don't give up! Press the message button again and keep on pestering him. A good burp can go a long way with Zebanjo Sefu.

It's time to destroy a Rabid Hound Bot (not to be confused with a Scrap Hound Bot). Make sure you have the right one targeted before you attack it.

Hacking a Houndbot
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Attacking a Houndbot
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Zebanjo was kind enough to give you the Hacking skill. You'll want to use it in attacking the Rabid Hound Bot. Target the bot and hit it with the Hacking skill and then fire your weapons. Use a combination of hack attacks to try to hack its reactor and shields. Make sure to keep on pounding it with your laser beam.

Destroying a Rabid Hound Bot can be really difficult if you're doing it by yourself. Use this mission to get associated with working with groups and you'll find that the bots will start dropping like flies.

Once you've managed to destroy a Rabid Hound Bot, talk with Zebanjo again. He'll give you the Vortex Shield Max Casing that First Sergeant Kagiso needed.

Warp to the Nav Luna Hub via the Navigation Map to see Sergeant Kagiso again. Like before, Kagiso will be flying with an entourage of EarthCorps ships.

Now you will need to return to Luna Training Station to construct your launcher. Look for the Manufacturing Terminals in the main hall on the right.

Get close to the Manufacturing Terminal and left click on it. (Your mouse curser should switch to a "Manufacturing" icon)

You can manufacture anything that you have recipes for. If you need a recipe to make something, you can Analyze it by going to the Analyze Terminal.

Click on the Tada-O Good ML Type X1. When you click on it, the items needed to create it should go into the Required Items boxes. Now click on the manufacture button.

Build the Launcher
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NOTE: Make sure you have at least 943 credits. If you don't have enough, sell a few items in the trade hall. The Trade Hall has a dollar sign icon hovering above the bay doors to get to it. Speak to one of the Traders as you would speak with anyone and sell a few items until you have 943 credits. Make sure you don't sell any important parts such as the parts to manufacture your launcher. If you sell all your items off and still need more credits, go back out to the Scrap Yard and kill Scuttle Larvae or go to Basic Shooting Range Alpha. Once you've destroyed a few things, loot them and come back and sell your loot. Repeat until you have enough credits.

Now report back to Lieutenant Raine. Congratulations Ensign, you have been promoted to Lieutenant. Well done! If you did not receive a promotion, build your level to 8. A combination of combat, trade, and exploration experience will help you level up quickly.

It is time to explore Earth & Beyond on your own. As a lieutenant, you have completed your training and now have enough experience to make your own decisions. Happy space trails.

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