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Welcome to Earth & Beyond! As a Jenquai Defender, your primary objective is to defend the Jenquai race.

Once you have created your character and chosen your galaxy, you will receive a transmission from Du'Shao Silva.

Megan, your computerized personal assistant, will help you with your training mission.

Ten'Shao Anala
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Path of Dark and Brightness
Once you have docked at Ashanti Maru, speak to Ten'Shao Anala. She will be standing in the rear of the base before the baydoors. Speak to her by walking towards her and left-clicking on her. Your mouse cursor will turn into a talk bubble icon once you are in range to speak with her.

You should spend a few minutes and answer Ten'Shao Anala's questions. If you answer them correctly you will gain experience. A true Jenquai Defender would of course know that the Shinwa died in his first engagement because he did not know himself. And as a true Shinwa, you should have noticed the light and dark side of Europa.

Ashanti Maru
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If you answer the questions incorrectly, you will still earn some experience.

It's time to see Ten'Shao Anala to complete your training in Summoning. Exit Ashanti Maru by clicking on your ship.

Open your Navigation Map and plot a course to The Sun at Noon to speak with U'nai Amitola. On your Navigation Map, the Sun at Noon is located below you. If you aren't sure where a location is, let your mouse cursor hover above the various question marks to see the name of the location. Click on the Sun of Noon to plot your course and then click on the warp button. U'nai Amitola will be circling around the Sun at Noon. She should be easy to spot by the green icon that is displayed next to his ship. Target her by clicking on her and then press the Message Button.

Be the Sun at Noon
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The Sun at Noon
You must use your new Summon skill to summon your shadow to the Sun Trap. Start by going to the Sun Trap. It's near The Sun at Noon.

Target your Shadow That Follows and then Summon it by pressing the Summon button on your shortcut tray. (You could also use the corresponding key on your keyboard. In this case, it's the number 5). Wasn't that easy? Speak again to U'nai Amitola who will give you her evaluation. She can still be found circling the Sun at Noon.

Now we're going to summon a drone while in combat! Open your Navigation Map and plot a course to The Trial of the Horde. It is located directly below you. Press the warp button.

Once you're at the Trial of the Horde, speak with U'nai Wakisa. He'll be circling around the Trial of the Horde.

If you haven't already upgraded your Beam Weapon Skill, go ahead and upgrade it now to make use of the new weapon U'nai Wakisa gave to you. Open your Character Information screen and then click on the Skills tab. Now click on Beam Weapon and then click on Upgrade. If you already used a skill point on something else, you can quickly explore the galaxy and receive another skill point. Make sure to use it on the Beam Weapon skill this time.

Summon the Enemy
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Now equip your weapon by opening up your Inventory and then clicking the Equip Button. Drag your weapon to the available Weapons slot. It will automatically install and put a button into your shortcut tray.

Once you've done that, open your Navigation Map and plot a course to The Unruly Horde. It is slightly to the left and below you. Press the Warp Button.

You don't have to get close to the Dark Shikari. You can Summon it from afar, therefore avoiding the turrets and the other Dark Shikaris. Together, the Dark Shikaris pack quite a punch. Destroy one of them by using your weapons. Fire them by pressing their buttons in the shortcut tray or by pressing the corresponding keyboard number. (Usually number 1 and number 2.)

After you have destroyed a Dark Shikari, warp back to The Trial of the Horde and speak with U'nai Wakisa for evaluation.

The Lotus Opens

The Lotus Opens
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Fold Space
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Plot a course to Lotus Opens and speak with U'nai Magena. She will teach you the ways of Folding Space. After speaking to her, fly to the Start beacon. From there, fly to the Lotus. You won't be able to warp because the Lotus is surrounded by a Gravity Well. Once you get close to the Lotus, a countdown will begin. You must Fold Space within 10 seconds to be warped out of the area. If you don't escape within 10 seconds, you will have to repeat the mission.

Once you have successfully escaped from the Lotus, report back to U'nai Magena for evaluation. She will still be circling the Lotus Opens, no doubt getting dizzier by the minute.

Now it's time to plot a course to Fiery Aspect and see U'nai Cyrus. Make sure that you are out of the Gravity Well so that you can warp to Fiery Aspect instead of thrusting there.

After speaking to U'nai Cyrus it's time to put that new reactor to good use. Open your Inventory and press the Equip button to install your new reactor. Drag the new Reactor to the Reactor slot. If you're unable to equip it, make sure you have upgraded your Reactor Tech Level to level 2. To do this, open your Character Information Screen and then press the Skills button. Locate the Reactor Tech skill and click on it. Press the Upgrade button. Go ahead and install your reactor if you haven't done so.

Trial By Fire
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Plot a course to Trial by Fire. Locate a Bright Shikari and attack it. Make sure you you're in range to attack the hostile entity. You can tell if you're in range when the crosshairs on your weapons turn green. Fire your weapons by pressing the corresponding keys on your keyboard (Usually number 1 and number 2 respectively) or by clicking on the weapon in your shortcut tray. Continue to fire your weapons until the Bright Shikari has been destroyed. Remember, you can Fold Space if you find yourself in any trouble.

Return to Fiery Aspect and speak to U'nai Cyrus for evaluation.

The Presence Overwhelms
Plot a course to the Presence Overwhelms and speak to U'nai Yavin. In this mission we'll be attacking a Daeva. Plot a course to the Realm of the Daevas. HINT: You should disengage warp before you arrive at the Realm of the Daevas. It's important to do this so that you aren't surrounded by Daevas when you arrive.

Be very careful while attacking a Daeva as it can easily incapacitate you. Before you know it, you'll be asking for a tow back to base. Don't forget that you can Fold Space to get away if needed. Once you've destroyed a Daeva, return to the Presence Overwhelms and Speak with U'nai Yavin.

In round two, you attack another Daeva, but this time you will have Critical Targeting. After you have destroyed it, speak with U'nai Yavin for evaluation.

Without Critical Targeting
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With Critical Targeting
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Plot a course to the Final Step of the Shinwa. There, you will speak with Dai'Shao Ohanzee.

Now that you've had your hull upgraded, it's time to return to Ashanti Maru. Dock at the base and speak with Ten'Shao Anala.

Congratulations, you are no longer a J'nai but now a D'nai. You are truly Shinwa. Now travel to Swooping Eagle and speak with Du'Shao Silva.

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