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Missions offer you another method for gaining experience, items, and credit. There are two types of missions in Earth & Beyond™ - random missions and crafted missions.

While the beginning missions are fairly simple, many missions are complex and require several steps to complete successfully.

Crafted Missions
Crafted missions are those assignments that are given to you by a non-player character (NPC). Watch for NPC's who ask you to do them a favor or order you to perform a task. Once you have received a mission, it will show up under the Missions tab in your character information screen. If your mission has multiple steps, the Missions tab will show the current step you need to complete. If you click on this area you can also see a more detailed of your mission. You may receive experience or other rewards when your mission has been successfully completed.

Random Mission Interface

Random Missions
Random Mission Terminals will be located in many Starbases and players can select from a variety of available missions.

To view the available missions, select from Combat, Trade or Explore Jobs. A list of all available missions for that category will be displayed. Click on one of the items to bring up specifics for that mission. Players will not be able to see missions that are more than 15 levels above their total skill level. Once you accept a mission, it will appear in your Missions Log. Descriptions for the Random Mission Terminal Interface subheadings are listed below:

Type - There are many types of missions available in Earth & Beyond™. Just a few of the options include deliveries, scan, kill and transport missions!

Level - This is the suggested character level for that mission.

Sponsor - The race and class of the person offering the mission.

Time - Estimated time to complete the mission.

Reward - What you will receive for successfully completing the mission.

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