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Docking: Refining Ore

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Consoles have been added to some starbases that will allow you to refine ore you have mined. This will change the ore into another usable material. There is no chance of failure in the refining process, but there is a monetary cost each time you refine. All characters can use the Refining interface (though Explorers will use it most, since they will be mining the most ore).

To refine an item, click the Refining console in a station. The interface is similar to the Manufacturing interface. Any ore in your inventory that can be refined will be listed in the box in the center of your screen. Select a type of ore, and you will see its byproduct in the "Result" box. To refine the selected ore, click the "Go" button. The ore will be refined into the new material, and will replace the original ore in your inventory.

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