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Docking: Manufacturing

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The Manufacturing area allows you to take base components and assemble them into a new item. To be able to attempt manufacturing, you must first have a schematic and the base components for the item you wish to build. (And since you can't have the schematic for an item above your corresponding Build level, you therefore can't manufacture an item above your Build level.)

The Manufacturing interface is much like the Analyze/Dismantle interface. Your cargo hold is on the left, and the manufacturing area is in the middle of the screen. The icons atop the interface correspond to the categories of your schematics. Pick the schematic you wish to use and click it.

Choose Item to Manufacture
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Manufacture: Success!
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The area on the right will show which components are required for that item. If the items are illuminated, then you have the components available. If any components are not illuminated, then they are unavailable and you won't be able to build your item until you have all its necessary pieces. If all the components are available, click the Manufacture button to attempt to build the item. Remember, this will destroy the components. If you are successful, the new item will appear in the Result box.

Note that the condition of manufactured items always begins at 100%, and the quality will vary depending upon the manufacturing character's skill. In contrast, the quality and condition of looted items will vary. Quality and condition of items bought from vendors are always 100%. Items that are manufactured cannot be analyzed by other players.

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