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Docking: Avatars

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Players will now be able to see and interact with other players' avatars in stations. Players enter the starbases through the ship hangar and can tour the different rooms on foot. The following is some helpful information on moving around starbases.

The Camera
The camera angle is defaulted to a 3rd-person over-the-shoulder view. The field of view can be rotated around the room by right-clicking and holding the mouse on either side of the screen. The camera angle can also be rotated up and down by placing the arrow at the top or bottom of the screen and holding the right mouse button.

Interacting with other player Avatars - Click to Enlarge

To swivel the camera around your avatar, hold the CTRL key while holding the right mouse button down. Place the arrow on either end of the screen to rotate the camera around your avatar in either a clockwise or counterclockwise fashion. The camera angle can also be moved up and down by placing the arrow at the top or bottom of the screen.

To move your avatar around, press and hold either the right mouse button or the UP ARROW on the keyboard. The DOWN ARROW will make your avatar walk backwards. Currently, the avatar is set to run by default. To walk instead of run, hold the SHIFT button while using the mouse or keyboard movement keys.

NPC Interactions
If you wish to interact with an NPC, move close to their position and place the arrow over the NPC. The blue arrow on the screen will change to an icon of a talk bubble. Left click to begin talking to the NPC.

Talking to other players
The chat interface is fully operational inside of a starbase. You will be able to speak to other players the same way you normally would communicate in space. To speak only to one player, follow the directions shown above for NPC interactions. In addition, when speaking directly to another players, you have the ability to include emotes and animations with your text. Please see the section on Emotes for details and a list of commands.

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