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Docking: Analyze

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Analyzing an Item
Before you can manufacture an item, you first have to get its schematic (or blueprint) using the Analyze function. To analyze a new item, enter the Analyze/Dismantle area of a starbase. You will see your cargo bay on the left side of the screen, and the Analyze interface in the center of your screen. Choose the item you want to analyze and drag it to the box labeled "Place Item Here."

You can only analyze items that you can manufacture. In other words, if your Build Engines skill is Level 2, you cannot analyze a Level 3 Engine. Also, some items cannot be manufactured at all, so therefore they cannot be analyzed either.

CAUTION! Analyzing an item will destroy it!

Choose Item to Analyze
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Analyze: Success!
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Once the item is ready to be analyzed, click the Analyze button at the top left of the interface. This will place the schematic, showing the base components for the item, in your permanent list. Schematics are grouped under icons at the top of the Analyze interface. Each category may contain a number of schematics.

Dismantling an Item
The Dismantle function allows you to break down an item into some or all of its base components. You can only dismantle items for which you already have the schematic. Remember that when you dismantle something, the original item is destroyed, and you may not be able to salvage all of its pieces. As your Dismantle skill increases, your odds of recovering more pieces will also increase. Components recovered through Dismantling will have the same condition and quality as the original item.

Choose Item to Dismantle
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Dismantle: Success!
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To Dismantle an item, drag it to the "Place Item Here" box and click the "Dismantle" button. The pieces you recover will appear in the boxes below. Click the "Inv" button to move them into your cargo hold. Some goods may require a stack of items in order to dismantle. If you do not have enough of the item, a message indicating the number of items needed will be displayed.

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