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There are three different and distinctive races in Earth & Beyond™, from which you can choose when you create your character. They are:

The Jenquai are the descendents of the first explorers to map the far reaches of the solar system. Jenquai ancestors struck out from Earth on giant long-haul deep space shuttles knowing that turn around time from when they reached their destiny to when they returned to Earth would be measured in years. Over time, the Jenquai ancestors became accustomed to living in harsh alien worlds and their genetic structure evolved into the current Jenquai race of today in order to take advantage of the different environments. The Jenquai have turned the pursuit of knowledge and the clarity of logic into a religion. Most Jenquai feel that the universe as a whole is the divine power and that all life encompasses that power.

Jupiter, well actually its orbiting moons, is where the noble Jenquai live. They're masters of science and technology and without them we'd still be puttering around space at sub-warp speeds. They're the true explorers of the galaxy. Going with the Jenquai means your ships aren't physically tough, but you'll make up for that with a wealth of technologies and mental powers that bolster your position in whatever you're doing.

Jenquai excel at travel and detection. They specialize in stealth and manipulation.

Strengths: Fast ships, hard to detect, myriad of special systems.

Weaknesses: Weakest armor and shields, poor weapon quality.

The Progen are a genetically bred race, a clone culture created during a military expedition to Mars, surviving and thriving on that harsh world. With this sort of beginning, it's perhaps not surprising that the goal of the Progen Republic is conquest. The Progen see themselves as eventually ruling over the entire human sphere, and are an intensely ordered and martial society. Although concrete contact has yet to be made, the Progen feel it is just a matter of time before humanity comes face-to-face with an alien species, and they intend to be ready when it occurs.

They are best at what they do, because they've been engineered that way. Choosing a career with the Progen means that your first option in any situation will likely be to shoot. Sure, you can do something else, but shooting is just so much fun. Ask any Progen, they'll agree.

Progen excel at all forms of combat.

Strengths: Strongest ships with the best shields and hulls.

Weaknesses: Slowest ships, reliance on weaponry over special systems.

The seat of Terran control is Earth, a fact that has led them to believe that they are the last true bastions of humanity. Terrans regard the Progen and the Jenquai as mutant races but despite that, the goal of the Terran Alliance is not, nor has it ever been, territorial or martial conquest. The Terran policy is toward profit and the expansion of markets. To that end, Terran technology is more sophisticated in some areas than that of even the Jenquai. Terran technology tends to lend itself to a broad industrial base and because Earth is the Terran homeworld, food production is one of its biggest industries.

Terrans consider themselves traders above all else but they're flexible and good at anything they set their minds to do. A career with the Terrans means you'll be well liked, diverse and able to do some of everything. Regardless of their chosen profession, Terrans are very adaptable and generally have something up their sleeve to deal with any situation. Terrans are, by nature, opportunists.

Terran activitites center around commerce and versatility.

Strengths: Fastest ships, manufacturing and trading, ability to use other races' equipment.

Weaknesses: Average weapons and systems, poor reactors.

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