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Character: Starting Play

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Character Selection/Management
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Character Selection/Management
Once you've created a character for play in Earth & Beyond™, you'll be given a character selection screen every time you login. This screen has five spotlights which serve as place holders for your characters. In the top lefthand corner of the screen your characters are listed by name.

You may have a total of five characters per Earth & Beyond™ account. If your account is not full, you'll have blank spotlights and extra name buttons.

If you left click on the PREVIOUS button at any point on the character selection screen, you'll be returned to login.

New Character
To enter the character creation process to make yourself another avatar, left click with your mouse over one of the buttons labeled NEW CHARACTER. Please refer to the Avatar Customization page for details.

Selecting an Existing Character
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Select Existing Character
To select an existing character for play, you may either left click upon the character's name in the list on the upper left hand corner of the screen or you may left click on the character's avatar. Selecting the character will cause the screen to refocus on the avatar and pull up an INFORMATION area which describes the character's race, class, level, location and galaxy.

You'll notice that most of your characters are very happy when you select them, indicating their pleasure that you'd choose them over others.

If you decide you don't want to play the character you selected after all, you can left click on another name on the top left hand side of the screen to bring up another choice. When you find the character you want to play, left click with your mouse on the ACCEPT button to begin play.

Delete Existing Character
If you've filled up your account slots or you don't wish to play a character any more, you can delete them to make room to make a new character. To delete, select the character by left clicking on their name or their avatar. Next use your mouse to left click on the DELETE button which is centered on the bottom of the screen. You'll receive a confirmation box asking you if you're sure you want to remove the character from your account.

Deleting an Existing Character
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If you choose NO from the confirmation box, the character will not be deleted. If you choose YES from the confirmation box, the character will be removed from your account and cannot be retrieved.

Starting Play

Class Leaders
Once you have finished creating and customizing your avatar and ship it is time to meet with your class leader. You will meet with one of the 6 class leaders, based on the race and class you have selected to begin with. They will introduce themselves and give you some insight on some current world events. Finally, they will ask that you meet up with them after you have finished the tutorial.

The Tutorial
After you have finished speaking with your class leader, it is time to learn how to operate your ship and the interfaces in Earth & Beyond. Megan will begin your instruction and teach you about many aspects of the game including, the interfaces (explanations, how to use, how to open and close), combat, impulse and warp speeds, equipping items, using Gates, gaining experience, how to dock, how to walk, how to interact with NPCs and other players, and a host of other features in Earth & Beyond.

After you complete the tutorial, Megan will continue to assist you the first time you experience a new item or activity.

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