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Guide / Hostess, Megan
Character Creation
Before you can begin play in Earth & Beyond, you'll need to create a character. The character creation sequence will begin automatically after you login to the game by entering your account name and password. Your character name can be a maximum of 16 characters long; the first letter must be uppercase, and all others must be lowercase. No spaces or punctuation are allowed. Note that you can move between the log-in fields quickly by using your Enter and Tab keys.

If you've already created a character and are restarting Earth & Beyond, you'll be taken to the character selection screen rather than directly to the character creation area after login.
The first choice you'll be asked to make is to determine your character's profession. Currently, there are six different professions you may choose from.

They are:

Tradesman - Terran Trader

Enforcer - Terran Warrior

Explorer - Jenquai Explorer

Defender - Jenquai Warrior

Warrior - Progen Warrior

Sentinel - Progen Explorer

Clicking one of the profession buttons will bring up a display of the basic avatar (male and female) and the basic ship design for the selected profession. You may also scroll through the different professions by clicking the left and right 'CHOOSE PROFESSION' arrows, located at the bottom of the screen.

Customization Options
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The KEY SKILLS box, located on the right side of the interface, displays important skills this profession excels in. The abilities box, located on the left side of the interface, displays the relative strengths and weaknesses for that profession. Abilities marked with many solid-blue boxes mean the character excels in that area. Abilities marked with only one or two solid boxes indicate a weakness in that area compared to other races. These abilities include DEFENSE capabilities, OFFENSE capabilities, ENERGY use, SPEED, CARGO room, SCANNING distance and STEALTH abilities.

Each race has different strengths and weaknesses. In actuality all three races are of human origin. However, they've evolved and changed over the years and become rather different from each other in outlook and philosophy. (You can read more about the various factions here). Sometimes the races are called "factions" to refer to their competing interests.


[ Race | Class | Avatar Customization | Ship Customization ]
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