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Earth & Beyond™ will offer you two different class choices for each race, giving you a total of six different race/class combinations. Eventually players will have a choice of nine different combinations. Currently you'll have the option to play the following:

Jenquai Explorer - Click to Enlarge
Jenquai Explorer
The Jenquai Explorer is the ultimate adventurer, scouring the universe for rare artifacts and resources and relying on their high-tech ships to get them through any danger they may encounter. If you like being places you're not supposed to be, surrounded by danger, this is the character for you.

Strengths: Many system mounts, cloaking, teleport, find weakness, prospecting, powerful scanning.

Weaknesses: Poor shields and armor, few weapon mounts.

Jenquai Defender - Click to Enlarge
Jenquai Defender
The Jenquai Defender has a hybrid of Exploration and Warrior skills. While not the strongest fighter or explorer, the combination will allow this class to stand up to many enemies found while exploring the galaxy.

Strengths: Cloaking, fold space, psionic shields, summon enemies and great reactors.

Weaknesses: Light armor, small cargo hull and poor shielding.

Progen Warrior - Click to Enlarge
Progen Warrior
The Progen Warrior is the ultimate fighter. There is no race/class combination that is more skilled at dispensing devastating damage while taking heavy damage without being disabled. Your primary focus is to fight and you have all the tools at your disposal to excel.

Strengths: Many weapon mounts, heavy armor and shields, field repair, taunt and anchor abilities.

Weaknesses: Slow, detectable and few system mounts, poor scanners.

Progen Sentinel - Click to Enlarge
Progen Sentinel
The Progen Sentinel has abilities in exploration and warrior skills. While not the strongest fighter or explorer, together these make the Progen Sentinel a formidable class.

Strengths: Prospecting, power-down (avoid conflict skill), gravity link and jumpstart skills. Good armor and shielding.

Weaknesses: Slow ship, few cargo hulls.

Terran Tradesman - Click to Enlarge
Terran Tradesman
The Terran Tradesman is the master of mercantilism. If you're interested in cutting deals, manufacturing items for profit, traveling to distant ports and rolling in credits this is the class for you.

Strengths: Debuff and distraction skills, group abilities, manufacturing, reputation and faction bonuses.

Weaknesses: Average defense, average weapon mounts and system quality.

Terran Enforcer - Click to Enlarge
Terran Enforcer
The Terran Enforcer has a blend of warrior skills and tradesman skills. He is not the strongest fighter, nor the best at mercantilism, but he will have abilities for both and will be able to achieve certain things that a pure class would not.

Strengths: Fast ship (compared to Progen Warrior), group buffs, large cargo hull, several weapons mounts

Weaknesses: Weaker shields and armor compared to Progen warrior, poor reactor.

Once you decide which class you'd like to play, you select the correct starting ship on the character creation screen, by clicking your mouse once. You'll see arcs appear to indicate your selection, as well as some information about your class choice. When you're certain of your selection, click on the CONFIRM button.

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