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In an effort to support our fansites, we have created this special program, which will give visitors to your site the following benefits.
  • You will receive a link from the fansite listing on our website
  • You may use the resources in this fansite kit according to the terms in the legal agreement.
  • Depending upon your level of participation in our fansite program, you may be eligible for other benefits such as screenshots and interviews.

After your Earth & Beyond fansite is active, please write to and let me know your full name, email address, mailing address, and phone number. Then, please submit your fansite link to us using the Fan Submission form. We'll review your site, and add your site to our list of Earth & Beyond fansites if you have met all the requirements. I'll also determine your level of fansite and provide any other resources.

Your full mailing address is *VERY* important, as well as your phone number. (No one will phone you, but a phone number is required for UPS in the event we send something out.)

Thanks again, and please let us know if you have any trouble.

Craig "Arcturus" Elliott
Earth & Beyond
Online Community Coordinator

Maria "Cerdith" Hamilton
Earth & Beyond
Online Community Manager

Website and Graphics utilities

We here at Westwood Studios understand that building a web site is no easy task. Below are links to some of our favorite tools and development resources.

Free Trial Version HTML Editors:
Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 -
Hot Dog Tools -
Macromedia Home Site -

Free Trial Version Graphics Utilities:
Macromedia Flash -
Macromedia Fireworks -
Adobe Photoshop 6 -
JASC Paint Shop Pro 7 -

Free Web Hosting:
Geocities -
Angelfire -
Tripod -
Free Web Space -
    Offers an index of free web space providers.

Web Help Resources:
CNet -
    This site contains tons of useful information for beginning web developers.
Project Cool -
    Web resource for designers of all skill levels.

Compression Utilities:
Win zip 8.0 -
    Free Trial Version.

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