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Download the Earth & Beyond™ Powerleveling Guides guides available for download.

The Earth and Beyond guides were created when the game was live.  I remember talking to the creators of the guides when I bought them, to see if they were releasing guides for the other classes.  Unfortunately, EA shut down Earth and Beyond before the new guides could be finished.  But, I did manage to find these guides, and am making them available for all of you to download.  They are all in .pdf format.  Enjoy!

[ Download the Terran Enforcer Guide ]
[ Download the Terran Tradesman Guide ]
[ Download the Jenquai Explorer Guide ]
[ Download the Infinite Credits Guide ]
[ Download the Comprehensive Ore List ]
[ Download the Asteroid Type Ore List ]
[ Download the Power Leveling Guide ]

Also available for download is the original Prima guide.  This guide is out of date, but still has tons of valuable information that can still be used.

[ Download the Official Prima Guide ]

I am sure that these guides took time to make.  All copyrighted materials belong to their respective owners.  If you have any other guides that are missing from this list, please submit them to  Thank You.


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