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Earth & Beyond Screenshot Contest

If you've ever had an idea for an Earth & Beyond™ item and wished you could see it in the game then now is your chance! The Earth & Beyond Icon Contest invites you to create a 2-dimensional icon for general or equipped game items. If your icon is selected, you just may see it in a future Earth & Beyond update!

Contest Details:

For this Earth & Beyond Icon Contest, you must create an icon (also known as a 2D Pick-Up Item). You may create and submit one (1) icon each in the two Contest categories, but only (1) submission per person per Category! The categories are as follows:

General Items: Icons for the General Items category include everyday items that are not equipped on a Starship. The icons represent items that show up in your inventory. These items include, but are not limited to, crates, foods and perishables, supplies, trade items, art, and other like items.

Equipped Items: Icons for the Equipped Items category include ship devices, engines and reactors. The icons represent items that show up in your inventory and equipment slots. NOTE: Please ensure your creations do not include weapons and/or ammunition icons as they will not be accepted for entry in this contest.

If your submission is selected as a winner in this Contest, your icon may ultimately appear within the Earth & Beyond online game. So, please be careful to follow our specific instructions when creating your icon. Please refer to the Contest Guidelines section below.

To enter, submit your Earth & Beyond character name or online moniker, birth date, email address, State and Country of residence, your Earth & Beyond Icon and Category using the online entry form as directed, between December 5, 2003, and January 5, 2003. No other methods of entry will be accepted.

Earth & Beyond Icon Contest Guidelines:

*** Very Important ***

Entrants are encouraged to read the Contest Guidelines and see the Official Rules for complete details. Failure to adhere to the Official Rules, or to include ALL requested information with your Contest Submission, will result in automatic disqualification of your entry. Sponser personnel will not contact entrants regarding an incomplete entry.

  1. Take a peek at some of the items already in the Earth & Beyond world to get a feel for what types of icons are generally used. Icons are images for items displayed in your inventory and equipment slots.
  2. Prepare your icon using a program that can save images as a TARGA (.tga) file and saved in a 32 bit format.
  3. The icon must be sized at 64X64 Pixels.
  4. Your icon must be created against a black background.
  5. Icons must be displayed in a 3/4 view. This means the object is tilted so the front side and top sides of the image are simultaneously displayed:
  6. The file must have an alpha channel associated with it in order to manipulate opacity.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

One (1) Grand Prize Package will be awarded in each category (General Items, Equipped Items.) Each Grand Prize Winner will receive one (1) Earth & Beyond prize pack featuring a selection of Earth & Beyond items. Also, each winner may have his or her winning icon featured as an item within the Earth & Beyond online game!


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