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Earth & Beyond: Get In-Game Rewards for Signing a Buddy Up!

What better holiday gift to give a friend or family member than the opportunity to adventure with you in the first Online Role-Playing Galaxy. Now it's possible with the Buddy Registration Code available exclusively from the EA Online Store. A Buddy Registration Code (or Buddy Reg Code) allows you to play Earth & Beyond without having to buy the retail box. Simply install using a friend's Earth & Beyond CDs, then use your Buddy Reg Code during the registration process.

CLICK HERE to buy a Buddy Reg Code for $21.99.

Even better, if a new player tells us you referred him or her into the game, you'll get valuable in-game rewards. See the chart below for what the rewards are…



Sponsor Rewards

# of Buddies Activated Your Reward
One Buddy +2 skill points, +100k credits
Two Buddies +3 skill points, +200k credits
Three Buddies +4 skill points, +300k credits
Four Buddies +5 skill points, +400k credits
Five Buddies +6 skill points, +500k credits
Six or more Buddies +6 skill points, +500k credits

During the registration process, you'll be asked for the EA account name of the person that referred you. Upon giving this info, that grateful player will be given these Sponsor Rewards to spend on his or her own characters and ships.

Instructions for using a Buddy Registration Code

  1. Borrow a friend's Earth & Beyond CDs.
  2. Install as normal.
  3. When asked for the game registration code, use your Buddy Registration Code. DO NOT use the registration code printed on the CD jewelcase.
  4. When asked if you were referred into Earth & Beyond, input your friend's EA account name. That's the name he or she uses to log in, not an in-game character name.
  5. If you have technical problems with the Buddy Registration Code, technical support is available 24 hours a day at Use the FIND ANSWERS section to search our knowledge base. Use the ASK A QUESTION section to submit a help request and our customer service staff will contact you via email to resolve your issue.
Buddy Reg Code FAQ

 Where can I buy a Buddy Reg Code?
At the EA Online Store. Just CLICK HERE.

So, if I get 6 people to join Earth & Beyond, and they all name me as the person who referred them, I'll get 24 skill points and 2 million credits? Plus 6 points and 500K credits for each additional person I bring in?

Can I buy a buddy registration code if I don't live in North America?
Not at this time. We are working on billing solutions that will allow us to offer this program to the rest of the world. Stay tuned.

How will I spend my bonus skill points and credits?
When you bring a character into the game, a window will pop up asking you if you'd like to spend your bonus on the character you're playing. If you don't just click no. You'll be asked about spending your bonus skill points every time you log into the game until you spend them.

Are you allowed to split your bonus skill points and credits between multiple characters?
Not at this time. We are working on that functionality, and it should be available in a future patch.

What's keeping me from buying a bunch of Buddy Reg Codes, using them to strengthen a character with bonus points, then returning the Buddy Reg Codes?
There are no refunds on Buddy Reg codes. You can buy as many as you like, but there is no way to refund your money. This would be a very expensive way to build up your character.

There are no refunds if I buy a Buddy Reg Code?
No. We apologize for this inconvenience. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you verify that your PC can run Earth & Beyond before buying a Buddy Reg Code.

Does a Buddy Reg Code have to be used in order to give referral rewards?
No. A new player will be able to give referral rewards from the full retail version of the game or from a game installed using a Buddy Reg Code.

Do the buddy accounts get 30 days free like the retail version?
Yes. You'll get 30 days free after installing with a Buddy Reg Code, just like the retail boxed product.

How much does a Buddy Reg Code cost? Why is it less than the boxed game?
It costs $21.99. It costs less than the boxed game because you're not paying for the box, manual, CDs, etc.

Can I use the Buddy Reg Code with the 5-Day Demo and convert it into the full version of the game?
Yes. Go into the Account Management screen of the Demo Version and select Register Account. Go through the registration process and use your Buddy Reg Code. Once complete, you will have upgraded to the full version of Earth & Beyond.

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